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Tips For Making Your Outfit Really Stand Out!

Jimmy / 2013-01-08

Jewellery wholesalers areabound because jewellery is the most important fashion accessory. Price is important, of course, but one should search for quality and diversity of products when shopping for accessories.

Today’s fashions are bolder, braver than ever before. Fabrics are blended in ways that defy old-school logic: swirling satin floral can be coupled with winter wools; jeans are socially acceptable in many venues. However, styles are not properly defined until enhanced with the right accessories:

Hair ornaments
In ancient Egypt, women wore gold or ivory ornaments in their hair. Wearing hair up or down is dependent on one’s outfit, and calls for a wardrobe that includes several types of hair accessories.

Women have worn earrings as a cultural or wealth ornamental identification since 3,000 BC. And for good reason: Earrings can make a subtle fashion statement or scream for attention! Some stylists couple earrings with the matching outfit and keep them, together, in the wardrobe.

Ancient Romans wore scarves with which to wipe their faces. Later, a scarf was what one wore to cover bad hair or to provide additional warmth against winter’s weather (mufflers). Today, scarves for men and women are completely in style and in fashion for every season. What’s absolutely fabulous about today’s fashions is that an attractive scarf will compliment a turtleneck sweater or a strapless dress. A creative dresser knows that scarves are also decorative belts. Additional fashion enhancements include decorative slides (holders) for scarves.

Necklaces have been around over 40,000 years and are known to have been worn during the Stone Age. Necklaces enhance the neck and chest area of an outfit, but dramatic necklaces become a fashion statement by themselves. There are 4 basic types of necklaces:

  • Choker - 35-41 cm in length
  • Princess - 45-50 cm in length
  • Matinee - 56-58 cm in length
  • Opera - 75-90 cm in length

Brooches, Bracelets & Bags
Yes, they can all be styled from baubles, bangles, and beads! This is where the fun comes into play when accessorizing an outfit. Do they need to complement each other and work together? No. They need to best compliment and bring together an outfit.

Men have worn belts circa 2,500 BC, and to this day, men consider a belt a necessary part of their basic wardrobe. Women wear belts as accessories. A conservative outfit will come to life with a bright or glittery belt.

Thousands of new necklaces, bracelets and other fashion accessories are designed and presented every season. Shopping
for jewellery wholesalers just got a whole lot easier.

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