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Blooming Fashion Charm, Fusing Classical Sensibility

Jimmy / 2010-11-23

Approved by Ministry of Commerce, Chinese International (Yiwu) Jewelry Exhibition will be held in Meihu Lake in Nov.26, 2010, which is jointly sponsored by Chinese Jade Jewelry Industry Association, the State Jade Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Yiwu Government, Zhejiang Jewelry Industry Association and organized by Chinese Jewelry Exhibition Association of Beijing Co., Ltd and Yi Wu Mingshi Exhibition Co.,Ltd. It is the first time that Yiwu held an international jewelry of national level. It is also the fifth city where Chinese Jewelry Association held jewelry exhibition after Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shengyang.

This jewelry exhibition is hold in a right place and right time. Under the strongly support of Yiwu government, some famous enterprises from Italy, Thailand, Korean, Japan, and Sri Lanka etc, where are developed countries of jewelry, also response to this jewelry exhibition, which completely represent this exhibition’s character-internationalizing .As the author knows, this Chinese international jewelry exhibition will be divided into two areas for jewelry and accessory. At the same time, it will be also divided into Taiwan groups, Thai groups, Korean groups, Ruili groups of Yunnan Province, East Sea Crystal Exhibition groups, Jinli groups of Shenzhen according to different countries and regions. In order to meet the high-end positioning of this jewelry exhibition, 5 million pearls and 10 million jade jewelries, fashion jewelry and romantic jewelry will be displayed. At the same time, every exhibition group will use jade jewelry and fashion accessory to display Chinese long history and splendid jewelry culture from different angles, which will create a visual feast to customers from domestic and overseas. It is reported that the recruiting of renters for 20,000 square meters exhibition area was basically finished and the organizer-Yiwu Mingshi Exhibition Co.Ltd already began to recruit the merchants.
Priceless jewelry and fashion boutique event, you can see the noble, but you can not imagine the luxury. Setting large scare, high quality, and internationalization as its characters, this jewelry exhibition caused great repercussions in jewelry industry, which is a good trading platform for sellers and customers and plays a positive role in promoting the development of jewelry industry. It is also an international platform for leading jewelry industry trend, promoting trading and enhancing development of jewelry industry.

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