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heavy and texture became main stream of handmade jewelry

Jimmy / 2010-11-29

Handmade jewelry is one of Yiwu’s well developed industries, which mainly concentrated in International Trade City’s C, D, E area of second floor and the fourth floor are factory-direct-sale center. The main products are rings, bracelets, bangles etc, whose major original places are Yiwu, Dongyang, Taizhou etc. For the sellers, 80% of them are from Yiwu. 80% of these products are export-oriented, which are mainly sold to Middle East, Europe, America and Africa.

Recently, handmade jewelry is sold very well and transaction rates in the market are positive. Sales of handmade jewelry in the whole market kept steady and increase. The overall trend is very well. The price of handmade jewelry didn’t increase obviously and ran well. Most sellers in the market said their business is good.

In this autumn and winter, heavy and texture became main stream of handmad jewelry. Widening and multi-layer are the main design direction. The sales of rings jewelry were steady and alloy jewelry decreased slightly. The export of bracelets jewelry increased and it would go on increasing within a period. From material aspect, the sales of alloy jewelry decreased slightly, and acrylic, wood, shell, resin jewelry increased.

The orders from domestic are also very well. There are large amount of customers around Yiwu. Same as export, sales of alloy bracelets decreased slightly and others kept steady and increased slightly. It is worth to mention that recently products made of natural material are sold very well, such as wood jewelry, shell jewelry (low and middle level jewelry), natural pearl jewelry, natural jade jewelry, crystal ,agate jewelry ect (high level jewelry) are very popular. There are also many new styles of these products. On the basis of the traditional jewelry, a lot of new products turned up, for example agate jewelry’s engraved face, multi-layer strips etc

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