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Jewellery Make your clothes more outstanding

Jimmy / 2010-12-06


Jewellery Make your clothes more outstanding
You would always feel that you have many clothes, but it seems that they aren’t special when you wear them. You would also feel that your clothes are very common and lack of something. Why? The reason is you don’t know how to choose suitable jewellery to match your cloth. In fact, the suitable jewellery and correctly collection would lead a significant effect. Next, I will show you how to choose the suitable jewellery to match your cloth.
The white shirt goes with complex metal chain necklace, exaggerated peacock logo bracelet, vintage style crystal earrings, shinning crease pants, Sequin Shawls, Chanel 2.55 handbag.The overall of this collocation is stylish, modern, fashion if you wear like this.
Dark gold deep V neck dress matches with pearl necklace, hollow silver bracelet, fish head black color high heel, small snake pattern brown handbag. The overall of this collocation is elegant, charming.
Loose-fitting black and white striped T-shirt matches with zipper gloss black mini-skirt, red D&G belt, black water drop earrings, metal rivets handbag, red star asakushi shoes. The overall of this collocation is leisure, young, lively.
Belt white shirt goes with antique pandants, dark grey asakuchi shoes, long simple style necklace, and letter handbag with red and white scarves. The overall of this collocation is clean, competent and very suitable for OL
White knit shirt with small flower decoration goes with black and gray gradual changing feather skirt, wide metal rivets belt, gray animal pattern short boots, and small shiny leather black handbag. The overall of this collocation is mixture and conflict, which also leads an effect of exaggerated, avant-garde, fashion.
Navy blue silk dress with exaggerated diamond necklace and earrings, serpentine handbag,lace high heels, this collocation is full of romantic and feminine.
For large flower pattern shirt, you can match with narrow pants with same color as shirt, white belt, long gold color necklace, PRADA black handbag with satin feeling , retro gray ankle boots. This would be very suitable for drama-type women.
For this nude color dress, because style is simple and the color is elegant, you can match with matt gold color necklace, which would be emphasis on design, shoes the same color as dress. This would reflect elegant and at the same time add more fashion elements.
Chiffon woven small bra (special effect match), matches with cake shirt, wide black chain belt, leopard knee socks, cream color fish head short boots, antique bronze color handbag, small coffee color chiffon scarf, simple bangle. There are too many fashion elements and very suitable for avant-garde girl.
Next, I will show you the effect of jewellery collocation
For this red high wrest silk dress, if you only wear it, would you feel it is monotonous? However, if you match a white pearl necklace, and a rhinestone bracelet the same color as the dress, it would be elegant and romantic women wear in parties or leisure time. The extra long red cross necklace with rhinestone also reflects the jewelry’s popular collocation-cascading collocation.
If you want this cloth to be more gorgeous, you can change the accessories to earrings or necklace (similar to the picture) with good quality and special design, which would make you be outstanding at the party.
Because there are some folds on the wrest of this dress, it is suitable for ladies, whose wrest and abdominal are plump. Long necklace with the combination of purple and gold crystal add more fashion to this dress. If elegant and classic ladies want to wear this dress to work, you can wear an slim suit jacket outside, which would be elegant and fashion.
This light water blue cloth completely reflects feminine. The overall is not only elegant but also a successful collocation after matching a multi-layers long necklace, which is very suitable for elegant woman to wear when they have a date. You can also wear a knit cardigan or a long trench coat outside when it is cold. However, the color of coat shouldn’t be too dark, otherwise it would decrease the female’s tender.
You can also add some exquisite, small, soft color earrings or rings, which can reflect female’s characteristics of elegant.
This style is suitable for dignified and classic women. In fact, this dress (the collocation of gold and Khaki) is already very fashion. However, the extra mixed collocation of long gold and color beads cross necklace and long darkle purple beaded necklace makes this dress look more special.
Because the design of this cloth is deep “V”, it is also ok if you don’t wear necklace. You just need to wear earrings or rings the same color as the dress. The fashion would not be decreased.

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