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China jewelry will be booming in next 2 years

Jimmy / 2011-01-10


 Today, we will have a further discuss about China jewelry agent-sale.
Under the prerequisite of same quality, the top three manufacture and research bases in China would determine their different marketing, manufacturing and talent competing develop strategies according to their own develop direction.
Yiwu’s market, who has the largest scare and occupies half of the China jewelry industry, has nearly 5000 jewelry manufactures and 2000 foreign trade companies. What’s more, Yiwu has maturity logistics system (including sea, land, air) for domestic and overseas. However, Yiwu’s beginning and research ability are a little worse than Guangdong and Qingdao.Under the background of International Trade City, which is known far and wide and the usage of Jin Fuyuan, which is jewelry’s professional market, the marketing scare and the degree of professionalize of Yiwu are already on the top of domestic market.
Yiwu’s raw material and accessory industry developed well during the 10 years’ development. We cited a jargon of Yiwu’s jewelry industry-Wenzhou merchandises have earned the money of Yiwu’s jewelry industry. What did this sentence mean? That mean raw material and accessory are the advantages of Wenzhou merchandise. Varieties, scare and rich talent resource are the characteristics of Yiwu’s jewelry industry. According to expert analysis, jewelry agent-sale will be in a dominant position in jewelry industry in future. While steady development, we should emphasis on further integration of research and quality. Raw material and accessory industry, as the supporting part of whole market, should be also invested as key industry. Building Yiwu’s market as a top raw material, accessory and sale market is active to Yiwu’s market, Chinese jewelry industry and world’s imitation jewelry industry.
It is understood that compared with Qingdao Jewelry industry, Yiwu’s Jewelry industry has the fundamental of exquisite techniques, perfect marketing tactic and characteristic research ability and it has a good momentum of development in China and overseas jewelry industry. Korea, as the top base of world’s imitation fashion jewelry, already attracted professional researcher’s attention from all over the world. Qingdao, which is called as “essence of world jewelry sales mark”, is the bridge of connecting Qingdao to domestic and overseas market and plays an important role in making Qingdao jewelry industry be well known by whole China, even the whole world.
It is understood that with the help of the unique source and information advantage, advanced equipment, production technology and perfect international marketing system would be the advantages when Qingdao competes with Guangzhou. Taking advantage of local rich talent and marketing scare, Qingdao’s jewelry industry can develop stably and rapidly. It is understood that most Korea’s jewelry enterprises has been completed the initial stage of accumulation. Korea’s philosophy of the industry's brand and investment, awareness of brand building is the leader of Chinese industry. This is also the major reason for popularity of Korean jewelry in recent years.

When we mentioned Guangdong, we would know that Guangdong’s advanced research ability,sophisticated production technology and perfect talent management system are on the top position of jewelry industry. However, along with the rapid development of Yiwu and Qingdao marketing and manufacturing bases,

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