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imitation jewelry inspection required

Jimmy / 2011-01-18


Yiwu Bureau takes four steps to deal with adding the imitation jewelry in inspection catalog required by law
Imitation jewelry will be adjusted from non-inspection production to inspection products required by law from 2011.01.01. Export and import productions would be declared only if they are inspected to be qualified by Inspection and quarantine authorities.
Jewelry industry is Yiwu’s mainstay industry and it is also one of three jewelry collecting and distributing centers in China. There are nearly 3000 imitation jewelry manufactures and more than 5000 enterprises sell imitation jewelry in Yiwu. The total sales accounting for 70% of China and products are mainly exported to more than 170 countries and regions, including Europe, United States, Japan and the Middle East. The export volume each year is more than 80000000RMB in recent years.
This adjustment (adjusted from non-inspection products to inspection products by law) has a significant impact on Yiwu’s jewelry industry. Because the adjustment was made in a hash, so some import and export enterprises didn’t understand the situation and they didn’t handle relative documents, which lead their products couldn’t declare successfully and delay in port. In order to adapt the adjustment correctly and ensure the products declare successfully, Yiuwu Bureau takes the following steps to strengthen imitation jewelry’s inspection and supervision work:
Firstly, strengthen publicity and training. Under the principles of developing in proper sequence and transiting stable, enterprises would be circulated a notice of National Bureau’s documents and announcement in a short time. Related enterprises would be timely informed requirements and precondition of inspection and quarantine work through various ways. Yiwu Bureau would also guide enterprises to finish related work successfully and train quality inspector and customs officers as soon as possible.
Secondly, make a full first-phase preparation. Yiwu Bureau will help enterprises to make preparation of certification inspection, including registration, inspection and business training, enterprises’ E-inspection software installment etc. At the same time, Yiwu Bureau would make technical preparations, strengthen communication and strengthen contacts with Provincial Bureau’s authorities, establish standard, regulation of new increase inspection and quarantine products, train relative persons and deploy the equipment.
Thirdly, carry out category management. Yiwu Bureau actively classifies all new increase inspection products and their manufactures and timely carries out the products’ risk evaluation..

Fourth, strengthen organization and coordination. On one hand, implementing the internal responsibilities division and defining ordination mechanism between comprehensive department and inspection department to ensure inspection and quarantine work develop smoothly. On the other hand, strengthening the communication with inspection and quarantine agencies and customs and timely dealing the problems, which turn up while enterprises apply the customs, to ensure Yiwu’s imitation jewelry would be applied the customs successfully.

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